Nasal Hemostatic Sponge

Bioresorbable nasal dressing. Nasal dressings providing the hemostasis, support and stability your patients and procedures require






1. No fiber and crumbs will drop during surgery, no reinfection.

2. Soft, Comfortable & Painless.

3. Super liquid absorption ability and the absorption is 7-9 times its weight.

4. Reused after rinsing by medical saline during surgery.

5. Less usage during surgery and easy to check the number after surgery.

6. Convenient to place and take out and can be easily cut accordingly.

7. Better biocompatibility and no rejection reaction.


Applicable Scope



Extra-large: Used for epistaxis in the back and other parts of the nasal cavity.


Large: Used for epistaxis in the back and other parts of the nasal cavity.


Medium: Used for tamping after nasal surgery and epistaxis.


Small: Used for epistaxis in the front part of the nasal cavity and after rhinoplasty.

Disposable PVA Nasal Hemostatic Sponge Dressing

Color: White
  • Material: PVA

    Suitable for: everyone, especially spray technicians

    • Comfy fit
    • One size fits all
    • Disposable
    • Breathable
  • Type

    Extra large; Large; Medium; Small


    100x20x15mm; 80x20x15mm; 60x20x15mm; 45x20x15mm

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